Your Health Guider and Beauty Master helps you find Your Own Beautiful

LaBD Gallery

LaBD Gallery is provided to help customers check out and experience MDP’s chosen personal health care & beauty products. We welcome you and please stop by and give us support

   Operation guide
   - Experience a chosen few personal health care& beauty product for free
   - Reservation only
   - Open
   ** 10 AM~ 8 PM Tuesday thru Friday **
   ** 10 AM~ 3 PM Saturday **

Public access can be limited in case MDP holds its official events
- Question : Kakao talk
- Phone number :

Man can access Gallery only with woman visitor
Children should be accompanied by adult guardian
Facility using and experience is for free

Services you can enjoy at LaBD Gallery
- Product experience & How to Use Know-how
- Understanding Beauty products and How to use know-how
- Or just stop by for a conversation over a coffee